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Application in pharmaceutical & cosmetic industries :
Gelpol™ is having a wide range of application. Gelpol™ can be used in oral solid and liquid dosage forms, topical formulations like gel, ointment, cream, bioadhesive formulation and bulk laxatives.
Gelpol™, a water soluble polymer is having following functionalities;

• Thickening/Gelling     • Emulsifying     • Suspending     • Stabilizing    

Rheology modification : Gelpol™ functions at a very low concentration, even less than 1% to produce a wide range of viscosities and flow properties. Gelpol™ is suitable in gels, creams, lotions, oral suspensions & ointments.
Bioadhesion : Gelpol™ serves bioadhesion properties in ophthalmic, intestinal, buccal, nasal, rectal and vaginal applications. Gelpol™ AA-1 polycarbophil is the right choice.
Sustain Release (SR) : Gelpol™ polymers are highly efficient gel matrix former in oral solid dosage forms for controlling release of API. The unique properties of Gelpol™ is that at lower concentrations drug release become slower as compared to other conventional excipients. Due to low concentration usage level, there is huge savings in formulation cost and also tablets size become small which is a distinct advantage of Gelpol™ polymers.
Emulsification : Gelpol™ polymers functions as an emulsifying agent in topical ‘oil-in-water’ systems, even at elevated temperatures, with essentially no need for surfactants.
Suspension of insoluble ingredients in oral and topical liquids/semisolids.
In addition to Gelpol™ grade of polymers (powder form) an excellent product is available, especially for personal care applications/cosmetic formulations, Aqua SF-I which is a cross-linked (lightly) acrylic polymer dispersion. It serves as gelling, suspending and stabilizing agent in a variety of surfactant-based personal cleansing products.