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Aqua SF – I

Gelpol Aqua SF - I

Acrylates Copolymer Emulsion
KBH Polymers Pvt. Ltd., the company that believes in ‘Innovation-Quality-Commitment’, glad to introduce its unique product specially designed for surfactants -based cleansing product.

In fact, its not possible always with powdered carbomer products to impart gelling properties as well as efficient suspending and stabilizing to formulations with high levels of surfactants, Gelpol™ Aqua SF-I, the acrylic emulsion polymer is designed which serves as rheology modifier in many personal care products.
Gelpol™ Aqua SF-I is having the ability to produce a clear formulations containing high levels of surfactants.
Gelpol™ Aqua SF-I is an ideal and unique acrylic emulsion polymer for many personal cleansing products-aqueous based and surfactant-based formulation.
Gelpol™ Aqua SF-I is a cross-linked (lightly) acrylic polymer dispersion. It serves as gelling, suspending and stabilizing agent in a variety of surfactant-based personal cleansing products.
Gelpol™ Aqua SF-I is an alkali- swellable acrylic emulsion polymer. After neutralization, the molecules ionize, expand due to charge repulsion of the anionic carboxylate, there by offer gelling and suspending properties to the aqueous system in which they reside. This method is called as “hydrodynamic” thickening.
Application :
Gelpol™ Aqua SF-I, the ultimate gelling, suspending and stabilizing agent is very well suited for following aqueous personal cleansing products. Applications for Gelpol™ Aqua SF-I are as follows:

• Facial Cleanser

• Hand Sanitizer

• Hand Wash

• Body lotion

• Shampoo with Conditioner(2-in-1)

• Anti-dandruff Shampoo

• Conditioning Body Wash

• Bath Gel

• Baby Shampoo

• Hair dye gel

• Other Low pH Application.

Packing :

Gelpol™ Aqua SF-I

35 Kg. in HDPE Carboys.